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The Marcus Giavanni Show Business Entertainment and Technology streaming live all over the World on 1100 KFNX.
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Marcus Giavanni Live in Phoenix every Saturday 3-4PM on 1100 KKFNX

Monopoly of Protection

GP7A on the Marcus Giavanni Show live on 1100 KFNX Proghram Line up.
GP7A on the Marcus Giavanni Show live on 1100 KFNX Proghram Line up.
Mayor City County Denver: Mayor - City and County of Denver - A City and County in Colorado - #Colorado - #Denver - Mayor Michael Hancock | @Denverteachers - #Mayor2019 - #Denver2019 |
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Published July 28, 2019 4:18 Am by Marcus Giavanni| GP7A News | City County Denver | Colorado | #Denver | Blockchain Marcus Giavanni| A City and County in Colorado | #Colorado | #Denver | @Denverteachers | #Mayor2019 | #DenverMayor2019 | @MGiavanni


The Mayor City and County of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock from the City and County CO. #Denver. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is vying for a 3rd term as Denver Mayor 2019. Denver Voters since 2011 2015 and now in 2018. See, the Monopoly at hand by Marcus Giavanni – GP7A News”.”

Voters’ in the City County Denver, and Colorado have seen the collusion between the current Denver Government, the Mayor’s Office, the Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. And the Democratic party since 1963. Meaning a Democrat has been a mayor of Denver for the last 54 years. Tanking over all the departments within the City and County of Denver Government. Infiltrating, nonpartisan groups with democratic operatives, thought Denver, and the entire state of Colorado.

Not only has Denver gone backwards in the last 16 years. But now the fruits of their labor have brought a 10-year record High in Violent Crimes, Murders, Home Invasions, and Crimes against the Elderly, and our Children. But Citizen Voters, who have not voted in decades have seen enough.

City Voters, now see, the medias fake and bias towards candidates, and others who try to stand up to the Monopoly at hand, and it’s tough to brake a monopoly. Especially, when they (Democrats) CONTROL everything, Including the Courts. And Most Political Nonprofit Organizations located in Denver, and surrounding cities and counties. All the Text exempt money, posing as nonpartisan, only help the partisan. And in this case the partisan party being Democratic party of Denver.


The State of the City is in bad shape, and with the new Credibility Relevance Wisdom ranking. The world is starting to see purges of followers, and likers, viewers, and most important investors. Marcus Giavanni predicted the Facebook Dump. Who lost $100,000,000,000 the largest loss in stock market history.

Now, we see the Media who have give most of its authority to Facebook, is now reporting about the downfall of Facebook. And they think they are not going to feel the crunch themselves. It just takes a while. But they to (Media) will start to lose money, if they don’t change their ways.

Millennials, and Generation Z are not going to allow media and social media to manipulate content. People are Claiming Google is Broken. Because they can’t find their content on Google. That’s because these folks have been Bullshi everyone for the last 20 years, and in 2015 it all changed.

These folks (Media and Social Network), and their Experts, who did not want to take the time to learn what was coming, and how to make their content survive during the next few years of the Petabyte Purge Dumb 2020, and beyond. These suppressors of content, and the fake and bias Roderic by the hands, and mouths of these has-beens are doomed! As they try to figure out why they can not find their content. 

Well the bottom line is Bullshi, lies, fake, and Bias does not work anymore on All browsers. And the most these authors of content who keep making claims that are not true or passing on hearsay made up by other. Who are trying to discredit, delegitimize, or destroy a person or entity.

It's have a reversal of fortune against those habitual offenders, who are coming to realize their BULLSHIT no longer be except on any Browsers. That follows the three most power algorithms in the world.

Google Credibility, Relevance Wisdom. The good news, the Media Broadcasters will be able to save them selves for they have never admitted; like Facebook. They Manipulate, or have Fake, Bias, content published to destroy others, and their entities.

These media outlets, will have sacrifice their employees, to save their investors form losing millions. As a local Data Protection Authority beyond Privacy issues, and rules and regulations. We took it to the next level. We contacted many of these media over the years, to explain what was coming. And most did the opposite, and sent their people to ??? These people are done, they can’t fake or bias the artificial intelligence that has been designed to make their content head to the Black Hat Abyss.

Another words, those who Love Google, share the positive story of others will move forward I breakneck speeds. Those who hate Google, and don’t share stories, and use fake, bias hate full content to destroy others, and their entities.

You are slowly being sucked into the vortex of the Black hat Abyss, losing your credibility, Relevance, and your Wisdom to have known better.

That eventually, edoc-t=your; content will end up in the Dark Web. Remember the Internet is real estate, and there is only. 10-lots on each page of Google. These lots are the Google Organic Lots. These lots are the foundation for AdWords (Paid Placement, Organic is not paid). – Marcus Giavanni